About the VODAN in a Box

What is VODAN in a Box?

VODAN in a Box (ViaB) is a toolset to facilitate the capture of data related to virus outbreaks and the publication of metadata describing these datasets.

The toolset can be deployed wherever the user wants. It can be deployed in a cloud provider, in a server or on a local machine. Naturally, the first two options can be made accessible anywhere on the Web while the third option is normally for testing and demonstration purposes only. This deployment freedom provides flexibility for users who want ViaB the (meta)data to be stored locally (e.g., in a given hospital), nationally or internationally.

What is in the “box”?

VODAN in a Box is composed of:

  • Data Stewardship Wizard (DSW) - to capture and store data based on WHO’s COVID-19 CRF;

  • FAIR Data Point (FDP) - to publish metadata about the COVID-19 CRF dataset and other pandemic-related content;

  • WHO COVID-19 Rapid Version CRF Semantic Data Model - this semantic data model has been embedded in DSW to provide semantically-rich RDF export to the data entered with the DSW.

Demo instance

You can explore and try out VODAN in a Box using our instance intended for demonstration purposes:

Be aware that it is for demonstration purposes only. The data and metadata do not reflect real measurements or observations and should not be used for analysis of real-world phenomena.